Your Current Position:  Talent Recruitment
  • Position: property supervisor


    1. Implemented various government regulations, decrees and property management conventions, and maintained good relations with relevant departments;

    2. Developed the project's annual property management budget, and managed the daily service quality and operation management process of the property

    And appropriate financial performance;

    3. Prepared various emergency plans, implemented and practiced them in a planned way, and properly handled all emergencies and emergencies;

    4. Be responsible for the collection of property fees in the community, and fully mobilize all staff to improve the collection rate of property fees;

    5. Responsible for coordinating and managing greening, security, cleaning, engineering and other related work;

    6. Responsible for daily second decoration management, procedures and other related work;

    7. Regularly issue opinion consultation forms to the owners and residents of the community, make statistics, analysis, treatment and return visit, properly handle all kinds of complaints, and properly handle the relationship with the owners (users);

    8. Assisted the general manager of the property in daily work, and completed any work requirements issued by the general manager on time.


    1. Property management manager certificate is preferred;

    2. College degree, more than 3 years of professional property management experience, at least 2 years of daily work experience in residential district management office;

    3. Familiar with various laws and regulations of property management and professional operation and management process, with professional knowledge and skills of property management;

    4. Capable of handling and following up daily management affairs independently;

    5. Strong language expression and communication skills, good at communicating with customers and relevant government departments;

    6. Good comprehensive ability of communication, coordination, organization and strain, able to work under great pressure;

    7. Strong team management ability, service awareness, strong sense of responsibility;

  • Position: property office management and personnel


    1. Responsible for employee recruitment, induction, training, personnel transfer, dimission and other procedures, and establish personnel files.

    2. Responsible for the payment of employees' social insurance and provident fund, and timely grasp relevant national laws, regulations and policies;

    3. Organize and arrange company meetings, or prepare relevant important activities together with relevant departments, make meeting minutes, and sort out meeting minutes;

    4. Make the staff schedule on time every month;

    5. Responsible for the implementation of various personnel and administrative systems of the company;

    6. Responsible for daily work such as collection, sorting and classification of office materials;

    7. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


    1. Technical secondary school or above in human resource management, administrative management, Chinese, secretarial, Chinese language and literature or related majors;

    2, age is not limited, a sense of responsibility, men and women are not limited;

    3. Meticulous, principled, good at execution and professional accomplishment;

    4. Proficient in common office software and related personnel management software;

    5, fresh graduates, laid-off workers, insurance, retirement can be.

  • Position:Facility Maintenance


    1. Be responsible for the maintenance of the property and provide maintenance services for the owners;

    2. Make regular inspection of the property management area, and if any damage, hidden danger or other abnormal conditions are found in the public facilities, timely maintenance shall be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the public supporting facilities and equipment;

    3. Responsible for the normal operation of power supply and distribution equipment, water pump and other electromechanical equipment, and timely deal with hidden dangers;

    4. Responsible for the dredging and cleaning of rain and sewage pipes in the community;

    5. Responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the water supply and drainage system, and the daily maintenance of the pump room;

    6. Perform 24-hour emergency repair responsibilities.


    1. Familiar with power supply, fire fighting, electromechanical equipment and other systems in the community;

    2. Hold technical certificates and be familiar with relevant professional knowledge and skills;

    3. Good communication skills, execution ability and teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work;

    4. Strong sense of service, adaptability, rigorous and dedicated;

    5. Experience in property maintenance of water, electricity, heating, doors and Windows, infrastructure in the park;

    6. Good skills and strong working ability.

  • Position: cashier and office manager


    1. Responsible for cash, bank deposit receipt and payment management;

    2. Responsible for invoice purchase, management, issuance and special invoice certification;

    3. Prepared cash and bank accounting vouchers;

    4. Prepared capital statements and other management statements according to company regulations;

    5. Archive, inventory and print daily office materials;

    6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


    1. Professional financial knowledge;At least 1 year relevant working experience;

    2. Have good language skills and can skillfully use the computer to work;

    3. Household registration in Shanghai is preferred.

    4, fresh graduates, laid-off workers, insurance, retirement can be.

  • Position: security guard


    Job responsibilities: master the security of the community, serve and patrol the gate posts of the community.Follow the work arrangement of the district manager and security team leader to ensure the safety of the district.

    Below 45 years old, healthy, good appearance, familiar with safety system and safety equipment, good affinity.

    Working hours: morning and evening shifts

  • Position: engineering reference clerk


    1. Responsible for the collection and management of engineering project data, drawings and other files;

    2. Participate in the acceptance of partial and itemized projects;

    3. Responsible for the management of planning and statistics;

    4. Responsible for the internal management of the project;

    5. Complete other tasks assigned by the engineering manager.


    1. College degree or above in mechanical and electrical engineering or civil engineering, at least 2 years relevant working experience;

    2. Able to understand relevant engineering drawings, rich experience in site coordination and data collection;

    3. Strong communication skills and good cooperation spirit.

  • Position: supporting engineer


    1. Assisted the leader in formulating the municipal supporting work plan of the project;

    2. Participated in the contract negotiation and signing of power supply, heat, tap water, rain water, cable TV, telecom, natural gas and other municipal supporting projects of the company's development projects;

    3. Responsible for coordinating the construction process of various municipal supporting projects.

    4. Maintain long-term and good cooperative relationship with professional competent examination and approval personnel;

    5. Participate in the coordination and management of drawings, cost and construction of internal and external supporting projects;

    6. Responsible for the file management of various municipal supporting engineering contracts.

    7. Responsible for completing other tasks assigned by leaders.


    1. More than two years working experience in real estate and related industries;

    2. College degree, strong learning ability, professional knowledge of engineering technology;

    3. Good communication and strain capacity, strong writing ability;Proficient in office software;

    4. Honest, honest, self-disciplined, diligent and pragmatic, with a strong sense of responsibility, and able to work under strong pressure.

  • Cleaning and kitchen helper

    High school experience is not limited to 1 person


    1. Responsible for the purchase of food materials, the cooking of food materials, the sanitation of the restaurant area and the cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc.

    2. Purchase food materials reasonably, control within the company's budget for food materials, and prevent waste.Be responsible for the preparation of raw materials and auxiliary materials before food processing. It is strictly prohibited to use expired or deteriorated materials.

    3. Prepare meals for employees according to the specified time.

    4. Responsible for the hygiene management of the restaurant, cleaning and disinfecting the tableware, and ensuring the use of clean tableware by the leaders and employees.

    5. Managed and took inventory of the restaurant's food inventory and company property.Manage, maintain and maintain kitchen equipment and tools.

    6. Maintain personal hygiene.

    7. Do a good job in cleaning the dormitory and keep the environment clean.

    8, do a good job in the sales office and office hygiene and cleaning work, to provide a clean, good environment for guests.

    9. Complete temporary work assigned by superiors.